Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Title abbreviation: Adv Clin Exp Med
JCR Impact Factor (IF) – 1.727
Index Copernicus  – 166.39
MEiN – 70 pts

ISSN 1899–5276 (print)
ISSN 2451-2680 (online)
Periodicity – monthly


We wish you...

The Editorial Board as well as the editorial staff of Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine wish you peaceful Winter Holidays and a happy New Year. Specifically, we wish you every success in the future:


  • inspiration for finding new promising research directions;
  • team colleagues who happen to be also friends;
  • interesting career opportunities;
  • generous grant funders;
  • and last but not least – helpful and patient scientific journal editors :-)


Let 2022 be the year in which the global pandemic was finally taken under control and normal life resumed permanently. Let it be the year of peace of mind for doctors, other medical professionals and everybody else.


Ministerial evaluation

We proudly announce that Polish Ministry of Education and Science has increased the number of points assigned to “Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine” from 40 to 70 points. This change reflects our constant striving for quality in scientific publishing. The editorial team wants to thank especially the section editors, whose competences and research experience as well as efficient work and commitment have chiefly contributed to this achievement.


Changes in publication rules

Please note that since October 1, 2021 after the article is published as ahead of print, it cannot be changed (which encompasses also affiliations and authors’ order). Such stipulation stems from requirements set by scientific databases in which the papers published in Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine are stored.

If the article is already accessible online as registered preprint on any website or in any database, and has been already assigned with a DOI, such information, together with an URL of the registered preprint, has to appear in the cover letter.


Index Copernicus (ICV) 2020

Our Index Copernicus value has risen from 152.95 points for 2019 to 166.39 for 2020. It’s a clear proof that our hard work and the efforts of the previous editorial board have measurable results – and that our contributions to the world of scientific journals are meaningful.

Impact Factor 2020

Clarivate Analytics has just released the newest Journal Citation Report. We are happy to announce that Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine has achieved its so-far highest impact factor of 1.727. We would like to express our gratitude to all authors, reviewers, and editors who have contributed to this success! 


New materials for authors


How to promote your paper? Useful tips

The research paper has been published – but how to make sure that as many other scholars as possible will read and – preferably – cite it? Our editorial team prepared a set of valuable guidelines, concisely describing what an author can do to boost the impact of an article.

Toolbox for authors

We have prepared a useful tool for the authors of our journal, including guidelines needed while working on a new article. We hope that provided instruction will address any of your concerns. Before uploading a new manuscript, read Stylebook in a Nutshell and get acquainted with all necessary information.

New statistical guidelines

Our statistical editors prepared a set of concise and precise statistical guidelines – we are aware that proper conduct of statistical analyses and presentation of their results can be complex.